About Us


Indigreenz is an artisan brand that represents the rich legacy of handcrafted food and cuisines, cultural traditions, art-n-craft and the vast repertoire of skills & performing arts; being practiced in different parts of India. However, old techniques and processes of making & preserving artisanal foods & crafts need to be revisited and rejuvenated in modern context. The idea is to leave minimal carbon & water footprint while processing the objects in an eco-friendly manner adhering to sustainability principles.

Our Story

Wandering through the streets of Purani Dilli or sometimes attending the meal sessions at notable Melting Pots for #GoodFood, we often wonder why the popular idiom ‘Unchi Dukaan Feeka Pakwan’ often comes true on discovering that we actually find Satiation or Salvation in simple unpretentious routine food 7/10 times, if not more! The reason could be as simple as a familiar taste of spices or aroma of condiments or for that matter unassuming cuisines tested over time and passed on from one generation to another. 
Thus the raison d’etre was found for our #GoodFood venture to help preserve the legacy of the repertoire of our rich culture on one hand and on the other experiment with simple formulae of blending and semi-processing of natural and organic substances to make healthy concoctions which would also plug the nutritional deficiencies commonly found in our bodies while offering us exciting new experiences at  the same time. 


Through this social enterprise of ours, we are going to revive & propagate both ancient & contemporary traditions of food, crafts and other artisanal skills in order to conserve cultural legacy of such products that can be marketed at a premium both in domestic & export markets. Modern technology will be infused in repositioning of such products with traceability and authenticity. The use of Augmented Reality, 3D modelling, QR Code/Blockchain technology will be used to give a new lease of life to the age-old look and feel on food and crafts in order to suit to the tastes of modern generation and the discerning urban Indian traditional consumers as well. 

Business Model

Production largely happens in the rural and impoverished regions where youth esp. women are trained to work in a professional/ industrial set-up to enhance productivity by confirming to international work standards. At some places decentralised working models are piloted using stricter quality norms adhering to safety-n-hygiene where the producer groups are set to get a part of the premium/profit as well. Final produce is marketed in sophisticated urban Indian and overseas markets (exports).

USP / Innovations

    • Use of Traceability tools to authenticate origin and showcase methodology of making artisanal products.
    • Mapping of nutritional deficiencies with micro-nutrients available in nature. 
    • Eco-up cycling and Natural fibers/materials in supply chain.
    • Adhering to Ethical & Fair trade principles.
    • End-to-End solutions in terms of capacity building, mainstreaming, financial support facilitation and institution building for rural producer communities.


The team

Raj Kumar Jani

Founder & Director

A development practitioner by profession, Raj has 25+ years of rural development, micro-enterprise livelihoods experience with a large network of community based/primary producer organizations. Has worked with the World Bank, Government of Rajasthan, Govt. of India, UNDP, Rajasthan Chamber of Commerce, SNV Netherlands Development Organization, Traidcraft Exchange etc. Currently pursuing social entrepreneurship in the agri-business domain, mentoring agri-craft based start-ups and offering scaling support to established businesses. At Indigreenz he looks after procurement, strategic alliances, marketing and content development.

Ratna Singh

Director & Co-founder

With 10+ years spent doing graphic design and product development in companies like India Mart, Ratna has  experience of working with smaller start-ups & large corporations in the domain of printing, packaging, branding, design development etc. She oversees development of all print materials viz. labels, catalogues, promos, stationery and handles social media promotion at Indigreenz.

Anjuraj Singh

Marketing & Branding

Having 23+ years of corporate experience in large office automation companies like Canon, Xerox, RICOH etc. Anjuraj has spent the last 5 years setting-up his own one-stop corporate solutions company- Key Solutions, which provides printing and packaging solutions and has received Best MSME nomination in this line. At Indigreenz he looks after product & market research besides playing the key role in shaping up strategy wrt B2B and B2C operations. 

Pooja Janger

E-commerce specialist

Pooja is an e-commerce specialist having 4 years of experience of doing brand listing on marketplace like Amazon. With an MBA from Takshila Business School, she is handling Indigreenz’ portfolio on different e-commerce platforms.