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Co-creating with producer communities wholesome delights from elements abundantly available in mother nature’s bounty.


Consuming from the core principle of live and let live which embraces the welfare of all living beings along with minimal ecological footprints on our precious planet.


Contributing by being a food corridor between growers and curators of food to consumers and connoisseurs at large, so everyone gets to choose a healthy lifestyle day after day.

For humanity that has been obsessed with taste since times immemorial, we believe there had to be an integration of nutrition and health in the very diet we consume so we don’t require to pop a pill of multivitamins to withstand the vagaries of depleting health in modern times. 
We go back to think that our mothers and grandmothers have been custodian of our health till a certain age but eventually as we grow and go, away and far to make a living, our food choices slip. We are compelled to choose unhealthy options in face of non availability of tasty nutritious chow. We intervene the woe exactly there, by delivering the goodness of our ancestral endearment bottled carefully at our end.
The raison d’être of Indigreenz is to preserve the rich and lustrous legacy of age old traditional recipes in semblance with new age meal preferences.
  • Come let’s rediscover the pleasures of self indulgence without guilt.
  • Come let’s recreate vintage recipes with new nutritionally tasteful formula.
  • Come let’s relive old joys in newer tastier ways.


INDIGREENZ range of Innovative Foods are prepared with deep research of nutrients that are deficient in an average human body and correcting the same with healthy concoctions based on popular tastes and flavors of the urban target consumers.

Lip-smacking these delicacies can be had as raw or as a spread on cookies, rusks and breads or could be used in various gravies / smoothies / sweetmeats / desserts etc. based on their unsweetened (Vegan Nut Butters) or Sweetened (Nut Butter Honey’s) version.

Honey Trail Mixes are prepared with the best of nuts/berries/dry-fruits/seeds cold fused/blended with Raw Organic Honey from notified Organic Zones of Uttarakhand to provide an instant energy punch and they are sure-shot mood swinger


DHANVIKA range of pickles & condiments are made by traditional / age old / legacy based methods of using natural preservatives as opposed to chemicals i.e. cold pressed mustard oil, hand-pounded spices, sugar, fresh lemon juice, natural vinegar etc. and by fermenting / processing fresh veggies and fruits of premium quality through peeling, cleaning, sorting and drying in sun to get them properly seasoned.

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Customers reviews

Honey Trail Mix Nuts:Honey Days are here again 😋💛

The quality of the service and product impeccable.
Clearly a spoonful of delight in there..

Vandana Nigam

Housewife, Mumbai

Honey Trail Mixed Berries: treat yourself with this

This delicious scrumptious concoction of honey with freshly farmed berries and other natural ingredients is the perfect blend of what you call, “flabbergasted by the taste of this treat” it goes with everything whether you take it with milk or spread it on bread in every bite or in every sip you will be rejuvenated.

Abhishek Sharma

Student, Jaipur

Pistachio Butter Honey: Nice spread for snacky treat

I found the product very tasty and fresh. Due to the base of honey, it worked out very well as spread or base coating over the bread toast. I tried several combinations, using cheese slice, lettuce, tomato, cucumber with it and it turned out to be an awesome snack with almost all. Thanks Indigreenz!


University Professor, Jaipur

Almond Butter: The proof of the pudding is in the eating!

So far the best product I have come across for a healthy yet tasty breakfast. The need for such a product grew strong against the backdrop of the current pandemic which requires ensuring hygiene of the food we consume. And, nothing else is more hygienic than the home made food. What’s more, this product adds a variety of taste, health and class to your home made food than just hygiene. Go for it.

Suresh Tripathi


Red Chilli Pickle: Just amazingly awesome

This is one of the best pickle I ever had in my life… wow is small word to explain the happiness I get when we have Moong ki dal cooked at our place.. a touch of pickle made us love.. this should be available in at least 500 GM pack as delivery is taking too much time. Yummmyy thanks DHANVIKA.

Inderdeep Singh

Corporate Executive, Delhi

Mix Veg Pickle: Most tasteful pickle I ever taste

In india there are many places where pickle is the mandatory part of food and I love also this in my food because it makes food so delicious and spicy . So I had decided to buy and I choose this, dhanvika product ,most delicious pickle I ever taste. I bought mix veg pickle , it has a taste of different vegetables like lemon, ginger ,chilli, aniseed and many other flavours which made my food more delicious, even my family also like that . I tried it with different recipes like chhole bhature , daal, snacks , rice etc.


Noida, Uttarpradesh

Cashew Butter: Great purchase

Great product! Loved it – the taste, texture . . . everything is absolutely spot on! Would definitely purchase again.

Aditi Kaviya

Corporate Executive, Ahmedabad